ADHD and You

How many times have you heard that you were a “bad parent” because your child was misbehaving….badly?  How many times have you been told that your child just needed a little “TLC” and tough love and they would be better behaved? How many times have you heard that your child was “choosing” to be disorganized, rude and disrespectful? Well, ADHD is a real, non-discriminatory disorder that frequently co-occurs with anxiety disorders and depression. ADHD can lead to problems in school, in relationships, and can also lead to eating disorders. Though diagnosing ADHD is a complex process, it can be treated by using a number of different strategies. Know the facts about ADHD and seek the assistance that you need to ensure that your child gets an appropriate education.  Visit ADDitude at School  for the facts about ADHD and to view videos on ADHD awareness and advocacy.

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