ADHD Webinar with Kirk Martin

ADDitude online magazine hosted a webinar this afternoon with Kirk Martin of as the speaker. It was informative and gave many concrete examples of ideas to try out with your son or daughter with ADHD.

The webinar was titled: Stop School Stress: 10 Ways to Improve Focus, Social Skills, and Daily Routines.

A few important takeaways from this webinar are:

*Help your child feel successful by issuing a life report card that “grades” the child on things that are important to your family, like problem solving, compassion, creativity, initiative, persistence, desire to do the right thing, volunteerism, etc. This will give the child a feeling of empowerment in and out of the classroom.

*Control your own anxiety when it comes to waking up in the morning and getting ready. Try saying this to wake them up: “I’d love to hear about ________(whatever their passion is at the time). After your do X,Y, and Z, you can come out and tell me about it while we’re eating breakfast.”

*Talk to teachers prior to the class year starting. Give them a story about your child in writing. Talk about your child’s strengths, gifts, and passions. Also give them concrete examples of how to help your child with what he struggles with.

*To motivate the high school student with ADHD, give them non-academic ways to be successful. These can including volunteering while using their strengths and pairing them up with an adult who can inspire, encourage, and hold them accountable.

*Rhythm is scientifically shown to help attention and retention! Have your child move while working on homework. Have your child chew gum to create that rhythm. Kick a soccer ball back and forth while practicing times tables. Rock back and forth while reviewing flash cards. The possibilities are endless!

*Having a clutter-free home makes it easier for the mind to be clutter-free.

For many more practical tips on how to work with your child with ADHD, visit


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