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Why tell us your story?
Real life stories are an effective tool used to educate the public and policy makers around real life issues. The Federation of Families is in the process of developing a story bank that can be used to raise awareness around children’s mental health issues at the Local, State and National level.

How are stories used?
Stories are collected and stored in a data bank that can be used to educate policy makers, improve services and raise awareness. Stories are only shared when permission has been granted by the individual. At no time is anyone ever obligated to speak with reporters or policy makers unless he or she chooses to do so.

What issues should be addressed through my story?
There are a number of issues around children’s mental health in which personal experience can impact decision making and system change. All stories are important and may be useful in the near future, although, a list of examples has been provided as a guide to get you started.

  • School-based Mental Health Services
      • Has your child had the benefit of receiving school-based mental health services in his or her school? Has it been a positive experience? Has the lack of school-based mental health services impacted your child and family? Do you feel that your child would benefit from school based services in his or her school or district?
  • Medicaid and TEFRA Coverage for children with mental health disorder
    • How has Medicaid or TEFRA coverage helped your family receive services? Would the loss of coverage impact your family? How? Do you feel your child would have access to services if they did not have medicaid/TEFRA coverage?Increased funding for children’s mental health services?
  • How has the lack of children’s mental health funding affected your family unit?  Is your child receiving services they need?  Would increased funding improve the services your child and family receive? How?

How can I submit a story?

The following information should be completed and sent via email to:

(Please include all requested information), it can also be mailed to:

Federation of Families of South Carolina
810 Dutch Square Boulevard, Suite 205
Columbia, SC 29210


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