CMHAW Poster

Download the art contest flyer and the release form.

2016 Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Poster

Contest Theme: I Matter; You Matter

For the past 13 years, the SC Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Poster has been used to create awareness and help eliminate the stigma that keeps children and youth from being identified and treated for their behavioral health (mental, emotional and/or behavioral) needs. The poster is designed using the winning art from this contest.

We encourage classrooms and other groups of children and youth to think about why children’s mental health matters and the need to focus on and talk about it more openly. The creation of the artwork is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of everyone’s emotional well-being and health as many students face issues such as bullying, isolation and stigma.

A panel of judges will vote on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for artwork that BEST REPRESENTS THE SLOGAN. The prizes are: $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd; and, $25 for 3rd place.

a. The contest theme does not have to be included in artwork; however, artwork must reflect the theme.
b. The art may be created by a group/class project or individual work; however, each group/class must select ONE piece of artwork to enter. Only one piece of art per group. The purpose is to have a group discussion to normalize talking about mental health and wellness. A discussion guide is available to help get children and youth thinking about mental health and wellness.
c. Use bright colors that will reproduce well on the poster. Artwork cannot be three dimensional or have parts that extend beyond the outside borders.
d. Posters must be no smaller than 12”X16” and no larger than 24”X28”. It may be portrait orientation (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).
e. Artwork must include the following information on reverse side: name, school/organization, address, and contact info. Include the signed release form, and a brief description of thought behind the poster.

Artwork must be submitted by April 8, 2016 in mail or in-person to:
Jenah Cason, 810 Dutch Square Blvd., Suite 205, Columbia, SC 29210.
For questions contact Jenah Cason at 866-779-0402.

Visit for examples of past CMHAW posters and information for discussions!

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