FFSC Is Seeking Parents To Serve In Their Community

1-Seeking Parent Advocates. The Federation of Families of SC seeks parents of children receiving services from a community mental health center to participate on state level committees. Input is needed from parents whose children are receiving services. We will provide training and orientation and you will be attending with a Federation staff member. Please contact Diane Flashnick at 866-779-0402 if interested in learning more.

2-Looking for Volunteer or Community Service Opportunities? The Federation of Families of SC will be sponsoring a fundraising event in the Spring. We are looking for individuals with advertising, PR and event planning experience to participate on the event committee. We will also need volunteers the evening of the event. For more information contact Jenah Cason at 866-779-0402.

3-Searching for Parents of Children With Mental Health Needs to Provide Family Support Services to Other Parents-The Federation of Families of SC will be providing one on one family support services to parents of children with serious emotional and behavior problems. The family support services are to be provided one on one by another parent (this could be a foster parent or other individual who has been the primary caregiver) who is raising or has raised a child with serious emotional problems.

The purpose of this family support is to provide assistance and help teach another parent to navigate the service delivery system based on your learned experience. Individuals selected to become service providers will have had to complete required training.

The only experience required to participate in the training is that of being a parent raising a child with mental health needs. Participating in the training does not ensure a paid position but is required to apply. Professionals/clinicians- unless you have provided daily one on one care to child in a parental role please do not respond. If you are interested in learning more about the training, please call Diane Flashnick at 866-779-0402.

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