PBIS Schools

School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

What is School-wide PBIS?

All staff members in a PBIS school support students by teaching good behavior and praising students. Staff members learn how to prevent problems instead of always reacting to poor behavior. A PBIS school feels more positive and supportive than most schools. A positive school environment makes it easier for students to learn.

Instead of using individual behavioral management plans just for students who have behavior problems, the PBIS school uses positive behavior supports for all students. All adults help students anywhere in the school, including classrooms, hallways, offices, the cafeteria, and restrooms. Attention is on adult behaviors that improve children’s behavior and success in school, in their families, with their friends, and at play. Learn more…

Family Involvement: Critical to Success for Special Needs Children

Families play an important part in their child’s education and social development. Family involvement in schools and all otherareas of their child’s development is necessary for your child’s success. Children in special education, especially those having social/emotional difficulties, are at great risk and need evenmore support and involvement from parents/caregivers. Learn more…

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

South Carolina is a leader in the US for mental health services provided to children in public school increasing absences from school and graduation rates. Decreasing school absence, drop-out rate and juvenile justice involvement. Learn More…

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