June 14th is National Call-In Day to Save Healthcare for Millions of Americans

Today, June 14th, is a National Call-In Day to save health care for millions of Americans. We encourage you to call the Health Care Defense Hotline at 866-426-2631 today and tell Senator Tim Scott and Senator Lindsey Graham to vote no on the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA).

It is critical that you make this call, as the bill has already passed the House and the Senate is promising to fast-track it through Congress without anyone seeing what it is, including half of the Senate who are supposed to vote on it. This bill, if repeating the House version, will take a hammer to the lives of kids, seniors, all people with disabilities, and low income families, while providing billions in tax cuts for the wealthiest in the country over the next 10 years. This means 23 million people who currently have health care coverage will be cut from the system and left without it.

Talking Points

YES to the normal, full Senate process for the health care bill, including committee hearings and the opportunity for all Senators to offer amendments.
NO to any bill that threatens the coverage of as many as 23 million Americans.
NO to any bill that does not protect individuals with pre-existing conditions from being charged more or getting less services.
NO to any bill that cuts health care for women or children.
NO to any bill that cuts health care for the elderly or people with disabilities.
NO to any bill that allows health insurance companies to drop health benefits.

We must do all we can to protect quality, affordable health coverage for all South Carolinians. Make your call today!

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