Leadership Training Part 1: Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Registration is now available for our upcoming Leadership Training Part 1 on Saturday September 30th in Marion County!

The Federation of Families of SC provides leadership training for parents and caregivers of children and youth with emotional, behavioral, substance use, or mental health challenges. Attendees are provided information on Family-Driven and Youth-Driven Support, enhancing their advocacy, communication, and listening skills; the importance of confidentiality; and linguistic and cultural competency. We provide on-going training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to empower you as you develop advocacy skills and prepare to serve on local, state, and national committees.

Criteria for Attendance:

1. Be a parent or primary caregiver* of a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs an/or a substance use disorder.
2. Be willing to share your lived experience.
3. Be willing to serve on committees to enhance services, promote awareness, and promote family perspectives.
*Primary caregiver (biological, adoptive, or foster parent or grandparent or other individual providing primary care to the child).

Click below to complete your registration today!

Leadership Training Part 1 Packet Marion

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