New Staff Members

Sherri says that she felt the need to apply for this position because there are so many families that have children with mental health challenges and are in need of someone who can provide them with the necessary resources needed in order for their children, as well as themselves, to be successful citizens in today’s society. Her vision for the future as a PPSP is to provide the resources and the knowledge that she has gained throughout her life experiences to ALL of the families that she comes in contact with, hoping that this will make a difference in their lives.  She says she will also network with other agencies, schools, and professionals, such as therapists, to spread awareness of what the organization provides to families of children with mental and behavioral health challenges. As a result, there is the expectation that more families will be educated, receive the necessary resources and services that are needed and Parent Peer Support Providers will be seen as a service that is needed nationwide.

Beverly says, “When my daughter was diagnosed with a mental illness all I could think of was, what I did wrong as a mother to make her have a mental illness”. She had a hard time understanding the changes her 5 year old daughter would have to face dealing with her mental illness, but Bev says she knew that she could not sit back and let her daughter go through those experiences without seeking knowledge and gaining a better understanding of the diagnoses for the both of them.  She says, “Mental Health is so broad; therefore, if you don’t get a better understanding of the illness, you could be victimized to that very stigma that has mental health challenges misunderstood.”It is her personal belief that educating people about mental illness reduces stigma.  Beverly has served as a Family Support Network Facilitator for the Greenville/Spartanburg area for over four years.  In her role as a PPSP, she wants to gain a better understanding of issues impacting families and equip them with the resources needed to advocate for themselves. She wants to ensure that families are given the opportunity to thrive and become self-sufficient by providing them with the proper guiding principles of Family Driven and Youth Care. Beverly says her main goal as a mother and professional is to break the stigma and negativity associated with the word “MENTAL HEALTH” by educating families and their natural supports.

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