NIMH Longitudinal Bipolar Child/Adolescent Study

Does your child have bipolar disorder? How do the brain and the symptoms of bipolar disorder change as children grow up?

At the NIMH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, a research study is being conducted that describes, over time, the moods and behevior or children using specialized testing and brain imaging to learn about specific brain changes associated with bipolar disorder.

This study seeks children and adolescent bipolar participants, ages 6-17, who have bipolar disorder. Participants must be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, currently being treated by a physician, medically healthy, and not currently hospitalized, psychotic or suicidal.

All clinical evaluations, research procedures, and outpatient visits are free of cost. Both parent and child must agree to the child’s participation. Children and parents are compensated for participation. Travel and lodging expenses are paing by NIMH. Participants from across the county may be eligible to participate.

Non-Treatment Descriptive Study:

Research participation involves 1-3 outpatient visits, and may involve phone interview at six months and repeat face-to-face evaluations one to two years until the child turns 25. Those eligible must be ages 6-17, and be able to perform research and computer tasks, neuropsychological testing and MRI brain imaging.

Call for more information call: 301-496-8381, TTY: 1-866-411-1010


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