November’s Newsletter…

Has the time change made you feel more tired and sleepier than usual?

Are you less patient with family and friends?

Do you just want to stay inside and sit in front of the TV?

Are you feeling SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Our daylight hours are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and many of us are experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  We find that our energy level is low, and that we just want to stay in bed or stay in the house with the drapes drawn. It is important to acknowledge the symptoms of SAD and to consult a doctor if you think something is seriously wrong.

Frequent symptoms of SAD include:

Sadness-Sadness means a down mood, and not feeling like doing anything.

Anxiety-This is when you feel anxious for a longer and more frequent time without a real reason.

Decreased activity-The depressed mood causes people to be less active. Many people experiencing SAD would rather sit in front of the TV instead of socializing with friends.

Daytime tiredness-Being tired at night is normal, but feeling tired during the day can be a symptom of SAD.

One suspected cause of SAD is related to our internal clocks called our circadian rhythm. Less light can throw off our rhythms and cause the onset of SAD. One of the most effective ways to treat it is bright light therapy. This light is equivalent to the light that you get when you’re outside and you’re receiving natural sunlight.” Those with seasonal affective disorder come out of it once the days start really getting longer in April and May.

From the Children’s Mental Health Network

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The fiscal cliff and children: What’s at stake?
The Coalition on Human Needs and Voices for America’s Children are co-sponsoring a webinar on the challenges ahead as the Administration and Congress must grapple with impending service cuts, Pentagon cuts, and tax increases.  If you care about children and families – their future and all of ours together – you need to know what to expect and what you can do. The elections are over and now it’s time for us to buckle our seat belts and start ramping up around avoiding the fiscal cliff. Details here.

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