Ignite Your Life: Annual Family & Youth Conference- Online Registration is Now Available!

Online registration for our Annual Family and Youth Conference is now available! This year’s theme is Ignite Your Life and we hope you will register today to secure the special early bird rates. If you would like a registration packet mailed to you instead, please call us at 803-772-5210/toll free 779-0402.

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Ignite your life save the date

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Suicide in Elementary School-Aged Children and Early Adolescents

*From the American Academy of Pediatrics

Suicide in elementary school–aged children is not well studied, despite a recent increase in the suicide rate among US black children. The objectives of this study were to describe characteristics and precipitating circumstances of suicide in elementary school–aged children relative to early adolescent decedents and identify potential within-group racial differences.

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NIMH Webinar: Mental Health Research: What You Need to Know- Monday, 1/23, 1:00 P.M.-1:30 P.M. ET

Clinical research is medical research that involves people like you! People volunteer to participate in carefully conducted investigations that may ultimately uncover better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose, and understand human disease such as mental illnesses. Join Kalene DeHaut, LCSW, of the National Institute of Mental Health for this webinar on clinical research. Learn about the basics of clinical research-what it is, why it’s important, key research concepts, and steps to take if you, a family member, or a client is interested in participating in clinical research.

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