Cultural & Linguistic Competency Kick-Off Training

May 26th from 9 am until 4:30 pm at the Medallion Conference Center in Columbia

Family and youth scholarships available…call the Federation of Families at 866.779.0402 for more information.

Click here to learn more!

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Parent Interview Request

The Federation of Families of SC has had a request from an in-state newspaper for connecting them with parents who would be willing to be interviewed, on the record, regarding good or bad experiences with a child placed in a group home in SC. If you would be willing to be interviewed, please email or contact her at 803-772-5210.

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Better night’s sleep may help kids with ADHD


(Reuters Health) – Kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleep problems showed slight improvement in their symptoms after undergoing a behavioral sleep intervention, Australian researchers say.

The daytime improvement in ADHD symptoms was partly the result of the kids getting a better night’s sleep, and possibly of parents’ learning methods for dealing with behavior problems, the study found.

“Our previous work found that sleep problems were common in children with ADHD and associated with poorer behavior, ADHD symptoms, quality of life and day-to-day functioning, such as getting ready for school,” said lead author Dr. Harriet Hiscock, a pediatrician at Murdoch Children’s Research at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria.
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