Peer Parent Support Provider Training

Federation of Families of SC offers an intensive Peer Parent Support Provider two-day training to parents/caregivers throughout South Carolina who have lived-experience raising a child with emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substance use challenges. A Parent Support Provider is a volunteer (with the potential of funded positions to become available in the future) that has gone through extensive training in the core competencies that provide the knowledge base, in combination with documented lived experiences, to become a certified Parent Support Provider through the National Federation of Families for Mental Health.

Our comprehensive training focuses on the “Eleven Domains of Competence” which are:

1. Ethics
2. Confidentiality
3. Effecting change
4. Behavioral health information
5. Education information
6. Communication
7. Parenting for resiliency
8. Advocacy in and across multiple systems
9. Empowerment
10. Wellness and natural supports
11. Local resource information.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Parent Support Provider and the training to become a Parent Support Provider, please call us at (803) 772-5210, email us at, or leave a comment here.

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