URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Family Supports in Jeopardy!

The Federation of Families of South Carolina is the Statewide Family Network for SC. Through this project we are able to provide information, training and support to families of children and youth with emotional, behavioral or mental health and substance use challenges. We provide technical assistance to parents/caregivers to organize community family networks. If you or your child have received benefit from any of the services mentioned or find value in these services, you may be interested in the attached information regarding a bill that was introduced yesterday at the Federal level of government.  42 USC § 290bb–32 will eliminate services in items 1-4 identified below.

As families and supporters, we all recognize the critical need and difficulty of accessing services for families of children with emotional and behavioral disorders and needs. It’s interesting to note that this bill is being introduced on the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy and it comes on the heels of an announcement from the White House where Vice President Biden shared there will be a $100 million increase in funding for mental health services.

Anyone choosing to provide their Congressmen information of benefit they have received needs to do that before 1:00 PM today (12/13/2013).

42 USC § 290bb–32 – Priority mental health needs of regional and national significance

(1) knowledge development and application projects for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, and the conduct or support of evaluations of such projects;

(2) training and technical assistance programs;

(3) targeted capacity response programs; and

(4) systems change grants including statewide family network grants and client-oriented and consumer run self-help activities.

What you can do:

Send personal emails and make phone calls to your members of the Senate regarding  42 USC § 290bb–32  educating them on the importance of funding SAMHSA’s mental health programs such as Statewide Family Networks and HOW YOU HAVE RECEIVED BENEFIT FROM THOSE SERVICES.


How to FIND your U.S. Senators:

Go to https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/SC

Click the name of your Senator, scroll down to “Contact Webform” to send them an email. Before sending, copy and save your message. Request a reply.  You can also call their office and leave a message.

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