What is Bullycide?


Can you imagine waking up each morning, having to go to a place that is hostile and feels like a war zone?

Can you imagine having no one to protect you, not even the ones in positions of authority?

Can you imagine not even being able to escape to the sanctity of your own home?

Can you imagine being taunted and teased and bullied relentlessly, only to be told that, “boys will be boys”, or that it is “just a girl thing”?

This is the reality for many children and for some of them, suicide is their way of escaping a situation where they feel helpless and hopeless. Many of these children suffer in silence, reluctant to share their pain with family members or school officials. Bullycide is the word that was coined by Neil Marr, a journalist and co-author of the book, Bullycide: Death at Playtime. It is used in reference to children who resorted to suicide as a means of escaping the torment of bullying. The first known case of Bullycide was the death in 1967 of an 11 year old boy. Read more about the children whose lives were shortened by means of Bullycide click on the above image.


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